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Industrial Optimal Design using Adjoint CFD

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Geometry Training 17-20 January 2016

The Geometric Training that took place in Paris covered a wide range of subjects related to Computer Aided Design (CAD). The ESRs were able to understand the working principles of a CAD system and its underlying algorithms. The training can be divided into 4 sections:

  1. Introduction to CAD systems and CAD in the design chain.
  2. Geometric algorithms (point projection and inversion, NURBS manipulations etc.)
  3. Topological data and topology related actions (Visualization, Meshing)
  4. Differentiation of CAD Systems

CAD based optimization is a topic which many of the ESRs deal with. In order to perform CAD-based optimization, the ESRs must have some basic insight of how CAD systems work. Geometric algorithms are also of vital importance to shape changing and at the same time provide the tools for smooth transition from CAD to mesh. Furthermore, since adjoint based optimization is the main subject of the project, all of the above provide the necessary tools for differentiating a CAD system with respect to chosen parameters.

This training was for many of the ESRs the first glance to the vital functions of a CAD system. It created the background and the necessary qualities for the ESRs to tackle much more complicated tasks such as: CAD to mesh, topology to shape transition and NURBS parameterization.


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