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Industrial Optimal Design using Adjoint CFD

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Geometry-handling and parametrisation workshop

25 to 26 October 2017

This IODA Training event took place in Bristol at the Centre for Modelling and Simulation. Some presentations are available for download, please check the schedule.

The IODA Consortium Meeting was held on Tuesday 24th October 08:45 to 15:00

One of the most fundamental properties affecting the performance of a body is its shape. How this shape (or geometry) is parametrised is fundamental to its definition and is of key importance in formulating contemporary optimisation strategies. This two-day workshop will bring together the IODA and GEMinIDS communities, the Special Interest Group (SIG) Numerical Optimisation of the UK Fluids Network and other interested parties, to share their experiences of, and opinions on, geometry-handling and parameterisation strategies for Computer Aided Engineering applications. When presenting their geometry-handling challenges participants will present their perceptions of the challenges encountered on the CAE processes they operate, and will describe and quantify their ways of working in the face of these. When presenting their parameterisation strategies (with particular focus on parameterisation for optimisation), participants will describe how parameterisation strategies are selected and implemented within their workflows, and the benefits and problems associated with different strategies from an industrial perspective. The workshop will include time for group discussion to identify areas of common interest. It is anticipated that this will yield a set of shared challenges.

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