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Industrial Optimal Design using Adjoint CFD

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Industrial Application in Turbomachinery, Automotive and General Design

Tuesday, 15th of November 2016

10:00 Arrival / Welcome
Marcus Meyer, Rolls-Royce Deutschland and Tom Verstraete, Queen Mary University London

10:15 Deployment of Optimization Tools in Industry and Integration Into the Design Processes

Christoph Starke, Siemens

11:00 Multidisciplinary optimization of turbomachinery components using gradient free and gradient based approaches
Tom Verstraete, Queen Mary University London

11:45 Holistic Core Engine Design Optimization: Advances and Challenges Compared to Individual Component Design
Peter Flassig, Rolls-Royce Deutschland

12:30 Lunch break (90 mins)

14:00 Online surrogate-assisted turbomachinery design optimization at Cenaero

Ingrid Lepot, Cenaero

14:45 Overview of optimization activities at ABB Turbo Systems

Kwok-Kai So, ABB

15:30 Surrogate model assisted approach to turbomachinery optimization using adjoint or multy fidelity process chains
Christian Voss, DLR

16:15 Coffee break (30 mins)

16:45 Trends in turbomachinery aerodynamic optimization: A software vendor's point of view


17:30 The Continuous Adjoint Method in Shape Optimization for Computing Exact Sensitivity Derivatives

Kyriakos Giannakoglou, National Technical University of Athens

Wednesday, 16th of November 2016

09:00 Optimization in the face of uncertainty

Andy Keane, University of Southampton

09:45 Uncertainty Quantification of manufacturing variability and Robust Design Optimization in turbomachinery

Dirk Wunsch, NUMECA

10:30 Coffee break (30 mins)

11:00 The impact of modern multi-disciplinary design exploration on improving Aircraft System Design

Durrell Rittenberg, D-Adapco

11:45 CAD parametrisation tools with gradients and application to the TU Berlin stator

Jens-Dominik Mueller, Queen Mary University London

12:30 Lunch break (90 mins)

14:00 Parameter based 3D Optimization of the „TU Berlin TurboLab Stator" with ANSYSoptiSLang

Johannes Einzinger, ANSYS

14:45 Robust multi-objective optimization of an aero engine stator blade based on hybrid surrogate models

Kevin Cremanns, Hochschule Niederrhein

15:30 Coffee break (30 mins)

16:00 Panel Session: Comparison of the TU Berlin Stator Optimization Results

Marcus Meyer and all participants of the TU Berlin Stator Optimization

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