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Industrial Optimal Design using Adjoint CFD

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Introduction to Optimisation and Multidisciplinary Design

Von Karman Institute, Brussels 23-27 May 2016

The Optimization and Multidisciplinary design training took place on 23-27 May 2016 and it was held at the Von Karman Institute in Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium. The training was given by world leading experts in the field, both from academia and industry. Overall, it gave a very good overview of the different optimization methods for both single-objective and multi-objective design problems. Special attention was given to the use of adjoint approaches in aerodynamic shape optimization in industrial applications. Besides the optimization and multidisciplinary design theory, the training was also very interesting because it allowed the ESR’s to discuss with the experts the challenges and difficulties that they are facing in their respective research projects.


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